Our Sustainability Journey and How We Create Value

We play a major role as the national reinsurer and leading takaful operator in contributing towards economic stability in markets we operate in.We do this by providing financial relief in the event of the happening of unfortunate fortuitous events. In addition to providing financial relief, the MNRB Group has, over the years, undertaken many initiatives to continuously contribute towards the development of the industry and the community as part of our economic, environmental and social (EES) contribution.

Our Sustainability Approach

We believe that the success of our business is also contributed by our ability to identify and address economic, environmental and social (“EES”) issues, which represent the risks and opportunities relevant to our business. We continue to adopt the UN Sustainable Development Goals (“UN SDG”) as a guide to our Sustainability Approach, as we implement our sustainability agenda around our key themes:
Embracing A Sustainable Future
Building long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with local and international insurers and takaful operators towards ensuring sustainability of the insurance and takaful ecosystem.
Upholding best practice corporate governance across the MNRB Group.
Understanding clients’ expectations and continuously enhancing reliability of our products and services.
Strengthening IT systems and protecting confidential information of our stakeholders.
Providing specialised products and services for various segments of the market.
Applying technological innovation to enhance process efficiency, support comprehensive business analysis and enrich customers’ experience.

Empowering Our People

Retaining and engaging our employees through continuous training and professional developments.
Nurturing our talents through individual development plans and succession planning programmes.

Embracing Corporate Responsibility

Contributing to enhancement of well-being of local communities through corporate responsibility and value-based intermediation programmes.
Fostering growth of the local insurance and takaful industry through market training and scholarship programmes.
Continuously mitigating environmental impact arising from our business operations.

Our Sustainability Governance

The MNRB Group’s sustainability strategy and performance are overseen by the Board of Directors and reinforced by the Risk Management Committee of the Board (“RMCB”), the Group Management Risk & Compliance Committee (“GMRCC”) and the Sustainability Working Group (“SWG”). The membership and responsibilities of the SWG are set out in our SWG Terms of Reference.

Board of Directors

Accountable for overall management of our corporate strategy and performance, taking into account the EES impacts related to business operations.

Risk Management Committee of the Board

Oversees the delegation of duties by the Board related to the implementation of strategies and overall management of sustainability matters.

Group Management Risk & Compliance Committee

Assists the RMCB and Board to monitor the implementation of strategies and oversees the process of identification, monitoring and management of sustainability matters.

Sustainability Working Group

Responsible for the identification of material sustainability matters, as well as for monitoring and reporting relevant measures and indicators, based on support provided by sustainability champions across various departments. The SWG provides progress updates on sustainability performance to the GMRCC and RMCB periodically.

Sustainability Statement

Our Sustainability Statement serves to disclose the progress of our sustainability initiatives, performance and achievements.Download to read the full report.

CSR Contact

For CSR, kindly contact the following:
NOORAZIMAH TAHIRVice President & Head of Corporate Communications
+603 2096 8120

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